How can my service help you? Getting your business known and attracting clients to grow your customer base, these are just two essentials to success. The benefits to you and your business from my free advice service at

  • Connect with your potential customers: understanding your customer base - identifying your target market

  • Reduce your marketing cost: Are you using the right strategy? Knowing which one works for your business will save you time and money. Facebook Ad, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Ads/PPC (Pay Per Click), etc.

  • Learn the essential do's and don’ts in marketing, online and offline, and ways to motivate interactions from prospective customers

  • Get free advice on your planned advertising BEFORE you spend a penny. I will also review and re-model your current ads.

  • Get started with a simple and low-cost landing page (in as little as one day) or website (in a few days) depending on your marketing strategy. Prices start from £36. See below.

  • Any other questions relating to setting up your business are welcomed.

Contact me today, with any questions you may have about ways I might be able to help in the setting up and growth of your business. There is no obligation to use my paid services.

All information provided is kept completely confidential and is never shared with any third parties

Oxford, UK

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